"I AM PROTECTED" - Premium Tiger Eye Suntara Mala **New Model**

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A gorgeous Suntara Mala, made from the stunning "Tiger Eye" Stone.

Suntara Malas are beautifully designed to remind you of the light that is within you.

Each Suntara Mala is made using different stones and crystals. We believe that the power of your clear intention will activate these Malas to assist you in whatever way you desire.

Trust your intuition when looking at our Malas, we cannot tell you why you are connecting to a particular stone or model, but we can tell you that the power that will activate the vibrations of the stones is in your intention. if you feel attracted to a particular design follow your guidance and use it as an instrument to remind you of your intention. 

For centuries we have used symbols, tattoos, totems, herbs, colours, sounds among many more to assist us in our journeys. While we are all creating our own reality, we all are choosing different journeys and our needs are different at every moment in time.

You can choose to wear your Tiger Eye Mala to feel strong.  Physically, Mentally or Emotionally. Every time you see your mala on you, or every time you hold the crystal beads in your fingers, or every time someone comments on your mala, you are reminded of your great inner strength.

Wear Suntara Malas to remind you that the power that will assist you in your path is in the power you give to the stones. 

Suntara malas look stunning on you but also can be your instrument of connection if you consciously choose an intention every time you are guided to wear one.

Enjoy wearing these beautiful stones and enjoy tuning to your own guidance every time you get to choose the quality that you are looking for in any particular day.