A Musical Trip around the Cosmos: MP3 Album Download

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Let yourself be taken on a powerful jourmey to stillness and bliss.

From January to October 2018 Suntara (Daniel Coates) went on a world tour with his Sound Healing. He took his wife Rosarmy and his twin 9 year olds Ezequiel and Sequoia with him on the Journey. 

They travelled event to event in 11 countries sharing the Suntara sound. They called the tour "The Trust Tour" because it took alot of faith and trust that it would work out. 

Suntara recorded 30 of his events on the tour. He then boiled it down to 1 Album of Highlights.

Here you have "A Musical Trip Around the Cosmos" 

Features the etheral and other-worldly healing voice of Suntara combined with healing Instruments such as Shamanic Drums, Didgeridoo, African Drums, Native American Flute, Handpan and more....