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In August 2019 I flew to Australia for a whirlwind 2 week tour of Queensland Australia.  I was joined by my dear friend and long term Sound Healing partnerJoshua Tree. I always love playing with Joshua It is like we become one musician.

We did 5 sold out Sound Healing evenings in 6 days.  Two on the Sunshine Coast, two in Brisbane and one on the Gold Coast.

The third night was the Gold Coast. Tallebudgera Community Centre.  A beautiful big hall out in nature.  I always loved playing that hall, it has a very special energy.

It was a spectacular evening Joshua and I were really on that night. It felt amazing and the energy that came through that night was from beyond us.  It was true "Suntara" something bigger than us was channeled through.

I got a great recording of the session and  when listening back to all of the recordings from the tour this one really stood out as having the best energy.

Another great thing that happened that night was that Braddon Gilbert a professional Sound Engineer from the Gold Coast was present. He was very moved by the session and after a few conversations I decided that it would be great for Braddon to mix and master the session. What a great synchronicity!

So after many delays, Covid, homeschooling my kids and working on other projects finally we present to you "Primordial". Thank you for your patience.

Primordial is raw and real and captures the essence of the Suntara Channel in full expression in the environment that we love the most - A live event at a venue with people present.

All of these tracks were channelled / improvised live with no rehearsal of any of the music. It is pure stream of consciousness.

We hope you enjoy listening and most of all feeling the Primordial vibration contained in these tracks.