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This album is an intense energetic clearing with Sound.  This is more medicine than it is music with the combination of Suntara and Master Yidaki (Didgeridoo) player "Gumaroy".

There are Didgeridoo players and there are "Master" didgeridoo Players.....

I was at "Lost Paradise Festival" near Sydney in 2018 getting ready to perform a Sound Healing.  I had the thought "I would love to collaborate with a Didgeridoo Player here".  Hours later I ran into a friend called Willow, I didn't realise but her partner was Roy "Gumaroy" Newman one of Australia's foremost Aboriginal Master "Yidaki" (Didgeridoo) Players.  We had an instant connection and he agreed to accompany me at my Sound Healing performance at the festival.  It was so powerful, It felt to me me like Gumaroy did "Surgery" with the Didge and combined with my Sound Healing it felt like a big clearing had happened in the session and with our audience.

We decided to continue to collaborate and booked an event in Sydney.  That event was equally powerful and we professionally recorded it and created this album "Food for the Soul".